Back in December 2017, a friend asked me if I painted animals…..and in particular dogs? At that pointed I’d only painted two robins (which turned out well enough for me to translate into Christmas cards and prints). My friend wanted a commission creating of their good friends dog Oscar, so I thought why not have a go! I produced a small textured painting of Oscar which was well received by my friend, and his owners when it was given as a gift a few months later.


I then sketched another friends dog, Sparks, and was pleased with the results (as was her owner, when she received a free painting of her beloved doggy!). Commissions then followed including Millie on the beach and the gorgeous Vizsla Ruby. I’ve also created pieces featuring Cockerpoos and Schnauzers, where I’ve experimented with textured backgrounds and a mix of monoprint and paint.


More commissions followed; painting two more Schnauzers for a surprise birthday gift, painting the cutest kitten you can imagine and a last minute request to produce three artworks of five dogs, that were created using paint and pencil, that are full of colour and personality.

I’ve also enjoyed sketching foxes and hares on a simple white background, and also continuing to play around with my textured dressmaking paper covered backgrounds, and bringing the animals to life with monoprint and paint.

I’m excited to see what future commissions I can be involved with, and I have some inspirational photos of deer at the ready, for when I embark on artwork with a seasonal feel (‘seasonal’ as we’re not allowed to mention the C word just yet!) x

Mixed media Fox