Solo Exhibition? Oh go on then!

After a chance email discussion at the beginning of the year, the lovely Lucy at the Sock Gallery (based in the formidable Loughborough Town Hall) offered me the chance to exhibit in their Balcony Gallery from July until November. It was a daunting prospect as I haven’t exhibited anything since my days at Derby Uni, back in the mid 90’s, but of course I had to go for it and I jumped at the chance!

I rose to the challenge and over the next few months created new mixed media pieces based on the landscapes in my native Suffolk and from inspiration gained from holidays along the Dorset coast. The fabulous Terry Davies (of Len-scape in Hinckley) scanned my work and created giclee prints. Terry recommended Chris the framer from Coalville, who did an excellent job of matching my previous limed wash Ash frames.

And so after months of planning, I was ready with 20 pieces ready to be exhibited!

On Tuesday 11th July my amazing and practical friend Paula helped me battle with tricky framing poles (a secure system that stops unwanted guests pinching the artwork from the upstairs gallery!). She was very patient while I deliberated on layout and provided me with giggles throughout the day (in exchange for a sarnie!). There might of been a few choice words spoken as we got hit on the head for the fifth time by the metal security clips! But we did it and I’m pleased with the results, which are on display until November 4th.

Alongside my exhibition, I have also designed my very own range of greeting cards based on my artwork, which I had printed in Suffolk. Local Leicestershire galleries that currently stock my work have taken these to display, two fabulous shops back in Suffolk have bought my cards (thanks mum and dad for being my couriers). I even sold a selection of card designs to a lovely shop in Bembridge on the Isle Of Wight, during this years family holiday…….nothing better than a spot of multi tasking! This year I have also connected with ‘Gallery 74’ in the town of Woodbridge, just outside of Ipswich and currently have a selection of my originals, prints and cards on display there.

I am proud of what I have achieved this year. Currently I have to fit my artwork around my day job and my family, so to be able to of planned an exhibition, designed and printed a range of cards and continue to build up new relationships with galleries, shops and other artists, all paves the way for me to achieve my desire to become a full time artist!